Mastertrusts v GPPs: a market comparison

17 November 2016

With the advent of a strong mastertrust market, how many employers establishing a new bundled DC arrangement - having ruled out setting up their own single employer trust - would now opt for a group personal pension? It’s a question being posed more often. Mastertrusts are certainly the new ‘kids on the block’. As at March 2015, 94% of employers were choosing to use them to meet their auto enrolment obligations.  Sheep like behaviour, or just good sense? In an article for PMI News, NPT's Paul Armitage examines some of the key issues.

Mastertrusts v GPPs: a market comparison

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The National Pension Trust (NPT) is the complete package. A modern, ‘ready to use’ workplace pension, that can be branded as your own. It has everything you need in a robust yet flexible solution:

  • Full flexibility for your member benefits
  • No governance burden for you
  • No ongoing cost for you
  • Responsible investments - handpicked funds and readymade strategies
  • Clear member communications, reducing your involvement