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The National Pension Trust achieves master trust authorisation

The Trustees of the National Pension Trust (part of XPS Pensions Group) have received confirmation from the Determinations Panel on behalf of The Pensions Regulator (TPR) that the National Pension Trust has been granted authorisation under the Pension Schemes Act 2017 with effect from 2nd August 2019.

Trust News - June 2019

The lead up to and the point of retirement, are critical times for people making decisions about their financial future. The National Pension Trust recognises this and has recently introduced a retirement countdown tool, to help people’s glide path to retirement, and free tax advice, to protect members from paying too much tax. For more information on this and other developments, download the Trust News.

The National Pensions Trust submits application for master trust authorisation and appoints two additional trustees

Over the last few months the National Pension Trust team and trustees have been highly focussed on delivering a robust application for authorisation. We have worked closely with the Regulator to make sure our application covered all the areas required and remain fully supportive of the authorisation process to ensure high standards within the master trust market.

MasterTrust Capital Adequacy: Let’s ensure we know what we are talking about…

The National Pension Trust welcomes the new Pensions Schemes Bill which has proposed a requirement for the financial stability of MasterTrusts.

National Pension Trust among the first to receive Retirement Quality Mark Accreditation from the Pensions Minister

Xafinity’s National Pension Trust is delighted to announce that it is one of the first to be presented with the Retirement Quality Mark (RQM) accreditation by Richard Harrington MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions.

National Pension Trust welcomes the proposed new legislation on Mastertrusts

Xafinity’s National Pension Trust welcomes the announcement about proposed new legislation for Mastertrusts.

National Pension Trust welcomes the Regulator’s update of its list of high quality master trusts

The National Pension Trust welcomes The Pensions Regulator’s decision to update its central list of master trusts that have obtained Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF), and notes that the National Pension Trust has now been added to the list.

National Pension Trust welcomes increased regulation for Mastertrusts and urges a central list of good quality Mastertrusts be kept up to date

Xafinity’s MasterTrust, the National Pension Trust, welcomes the Government’s announcement that it plans to increase the regulation of MasterTrusts to ensure members and employers are appropriately supported.

National Pension Trust welcomes 68th participating employer

Approach to Freedom and Choice key to its success. The National Pension Trust has this month welcomed Ballyvesey Holdings Limited as its 68th participating employer.

National Pension Trust – How it solves the DC Pension Maze

New legislation gives pension members almost unfettered fund access from 55. This supports a return on employer investment but needs careful implementation. NPT has been designed to solve a variety of defined contribution (or money purchase) challenges for sponsors and trustees.

National Pension Trust- Engaging the member online

This video shows how members engage with the National Pension Trust; using My Account to access key information, make changes to their policy, get support with answers to questions and use the modellers to help with investing and retirement planning.

National Pension Trust- A complete solution to Freedom and Choice

How the National Pension Trust can help you provide access to Freedom & Choice.

Trust News - October 2018

Depending on people’s savings persona and the stage of life they’re at, the type and level of information required about retirement savings can be quite different. We are therefore introducing ‘My Dashboard’, to empower members to access information appropriate to them.

National Pension Trust - A Modern Workplace Pension

When choosing a workplace pension, you’re likely to want a quality solution for your people, but need to control the costs and management time for your business. The National Pension Trust is designed to offer the lower costs achieved with scale, while maintaining strong focussed governance and close relationships with employers and their employees – the balanced solution.

Trust News - May 2018

Three years on from the introduction of freedom and choice, we take a look at the market leading technology that has enabled members of the National Pension Trust to access their benefits flexibly.

Mastertrusts v GPPs: a market comparison

With the advent of a strong mastertrust market, how many employers establishing a new bundled DC arrangement - having ruled out setting up their own single employer trust - would now opt for a group personal pension? It’s a question being posed more often. Mastertrusts are certainly the new ‘kids on the block’. As at March 2015, 94% of employers were choosing to use them to meet their auto enrolment obligations. Sheep like behaviour, or just good sense? In an article for PMI News, NPT's Paul Armitage examines some of the key issues.

Trust News - November 2016

In October 2016, the National Pension Trust became the first MasterTrust to be awarded the Retirement Quality Mark (RQM) accreditation, demonstrating its high level of support for members accessing their pension benefits. Governance, controls and financial stability are key to effective pension provision. In this month’s Trust News we consider why.

Trust News - September 2016

Over 90 large employers have chosen to use the National Pension Trust (NPT) to help individuals to access their pension savings flexibly. In this month’s edition we consider why and what this looks like from a member’s perspective.

Trust News - June 2016

The Government is proposing a new cap on the charges applied to members of Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes. The cap is designed to ensure members are able to make the most of the DC pension retirement flexibilities introduced in April 2015. In this edition, we consider what this is likely to mean for DC schemes.

Trust News - March 2016

Freedom & Choice – One year on. Until April 2015, most members of DC pension schemes accessed their pension benefits by purchasing an annuity. Since then most have not. In this edition we consider developments over the last 12 months and how the National Pension Trust is effectively supporting members to make the right decision for them.

Trust News - February 2016

Many employers historically set up GPPs / Stakeholder Pension Plans to avoid the cost and risk associated with trust-based schemes. However, the lack of governance of such arrangements is now posing reputational, duty of care and regulatory risks to Employers. In this edition we consider how the National Pension Trust addresses these risks, ensuring employees are supported and enabling employers to focus on running their business.