Taking your members to and through retirement

Why employers love NPT

The National Pension Trust was launched in 2009, and since then we have helped over 100 employers and over 25,000 members meet their DC needs. The challenges for employers in DC range from finding the best governance structure, to solving member access to Freedom and Choice flexibilities at the point of members drawing benefits. Trustees have also used the Trust to transfer out both deferred members and AVC funds – removing ongoing cost and risk.

This video shows how the National Pension Trust can support your members to access the new flexibilities at no additional cost to the Employer or Trustees.


The Trust also reduces the risk that Trustees and Employers would otherwise face, whilst providing members with the flexibility they require.

National Pension Trust

Many sponsors are choosing a mastertrust as the “sweet spot” for a governance structure, taking many of the benefits of both own-trust and contract-based GPP and incorporating them into a single design.

National Pension Trust

A growing number of schemes are using the National Pension Trust as an external “signposting” solution to offer members access to the full range of Freedom and Choice flexibilities.

National Pension Trust

The Trust also accepts transfers for deferred members and AVCs – reducing future cost and risk.

National Pension Trust

Transfers for DB schemes can also be accepted; providing a well-governed home, particularly for those who wish to access their benefits flexibly.

Why employees love NPT

Because it is simple; The Trust offers a range of 17 carefully selected funds – with enough breadth to cope with most investment needs without being overwhelming.

Because it is engaging; My Account gives access to information and modelling tools – supported by a helpline and a webchat facility, with full advice available on request.

And because it is a one-stop solution; Benefits from other schemes can be simply transferred, and when it is time for benefits to be drawn, there is no need for a transfer – full Freedom and Choice functionality is available whether they want cash payments, an annuity or drawdown.

This video shows how members engage with the National Pension Trust; using My Account to access key information, make changes to their policy, get support with answers to questions and use the modellers to help with investing and retirement planning.

National Pension Trust

The investment fund range is designed to give just the right amount of choice;

17 carefully constructed funds, with five growth and seven income alignment strategies; all created with expert external input.

National Pension Trust

Tools and modellers that really help with decision making; with trained support staff available via phone or webchat. Full advice can be facilitated if required.

Everything in one place; the Trust will accept transfers from other DC and DB arrangements and give access to all of the retirement choices, without transfer, when the time is right.

National Pension Trust

Costs are kept low within the Trust, through the scale that can be achieved with over 100 employers. Low costs help members maximise their funds in retirement.